Sports And School Physicals

What You Need to Know About Sports and School Physicals in Jacksonville, FL

As our children grow, they are closely monitored by their pediatrician to ensure they hit all their developmental and growth milestones. However, older children who begin playing sports for their schools require a fresh clean bill of health from their doctor. Learn about school physicals and why they are important with your child’s pediatrician at Sahar Aboudan Pediatrics in Jacksonville, FL.

What is a sports Physical?

A sports physical is an exam that is given to school-aged children who participate in school sports programs. It is sometimes called a pre-participation physical examination or PPE because before you participate in any sports activities, you must have this test and be cleared for physical activity. The doctor takes a close look at the child’s medical history and also checks for ailments and conditions. You can get a sports physical done at your pediatrician's office.

What is a school physical? 

sports and school physicals

A physical will consist of your child’s pediatrician taking measurements of their height, weight and blood pressure. Additionally, your child’s pediatrician may also check their eyes, flexibility, heart and lungs, ears, nose and throat, and feel for abdominal abnormalities. Your pediatrician will also administer any necessary vaccinations required by the school during the physical. Family and medical history help your pediatrician gather more information to fully assess your child’s overall health.

Why is a sports and school physical necessary? 

Some schools or sports teams require that your child undergo a routine physical examination by their pediatrician before admitting them. Children go through many physical and developmental changes in their early years, making properly monitoring these changes important to your child’s health. A routine school physical rules out any major health concerns and catches any problems early.

If your child’s school or sports team requires a physical before admittance, Sahar Aboudan Pediatric can help you ensure your child meets all the requirements. Most physicals take only a few minutes and provide a clean bill of health for peace of mind in addition to school requirements. Physicals also help doctors ensure that your child has all their correct vaccinations to protect against various diseases. Vaccinations also keep others safe from diseases, making them an important part of your child’s and other children’s health.

Does your child need a sports or school physical? Call Sahar Aboudan Pediatrics in Jacksonville, FL at (904) 260-3609 to schedule an appointment!

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