Sports And School Physicals FAQs

Physical exams are an essential part of monitoring your child's development. Sports and school physicals in Jacksonville, FL, often mark the beginning of the sport's season. They're necessary for your child to participate in school-sanctioned activities. Your pediatrician, Dr. Sahar Aboudan of Sahar Aboudan Pediatrics, will answer all your questions about sports and school physicals.

Sports And School Physicals FAQs

What Is a Sports Physical?

Known also as pre-participation physical examination (PPE), a sports physical is a medical exam performed by your pediatrician. This exam determines if your child can safely participate in sports activities.

What Gets Checked at a Sports Physical?

During your child's sports physical, the doctor notes your child's vitals, including blood pressure, pulse, weight, and height. Next, an eye exam to determine if your child needs glasses. Your child's pediatrician needs to review your child's medical history.

Come prepared to share all information about past conditions or surgeries with your pediatrician. Your child's doctor may request further tests based on this information. A fitness test is also part of a sport's physical.

What Is a School Physical?

A school physical involves measuring your child's vitals, weight, and height. It also checks your child's lungs, flexibility, and strength. Reviewing your child's medical history is also crucial. Your pediatrician forwards the results to your child's school. Further testing may be necessary for your child depending on the outcome of their physical exam.

When Are Sports and School Physicals Necessary in Jacksonville, FL?

Schools and sports teams may require school and sports physicals before your kid gets admission or is allowed to participate in specific programs. Lots of school sports activities such as basketball, football, and cheerleading require a sports physical. These exams allow your kids to participate safely.

Does Each Sport Require a different Sports Physical?

If your child is looking to participate in multiple sports activities, they don't need to perform multiple sports physicals. You can usually apply your sports physical to more than one sport within the school year.

Your pediatrician also helps ensure you meet up with your child's necessary vaccinations. These vaccinations help protect your kid from common diseases. Call (904) 260-3609 to schedule your child's sports and school physicals in Jacksonville, FL, with your pediatrician, Dr. Aboudan of Sahar Aboudan Pediatrics.

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