Why You Need a Newborn Doctor

With everything you have to keep track of during and after your pregnancy, you may think it's still too soon to be thinking about a pediatrician for your baby yet to be born. Experts recommend that soon to be parents seek a doctor for their newborn during the last months of pregnancy, as things only become more hectic after that. For this role, you have to look no further than your Jacksonville, FL, pediatrician Dr. Sahar Aboudan of Sahar Aboudan Pediatrics.

The Importance of a Pediatrician

A pediatrician is an expert on treating young patients. They specialize in every aspect of your child's well being, and in an ideal world, they can have the same doctor as they go through every stage of their lives.

Having all your child's history in one place, all the records of immunizations and conditions they can more easily anticipate and prevent complications, as well as improving treatment.

Newborn Doctor in Jacksonville, FL

With a pediatrician already chosen, you'll have someone to turn to for advice and suggestions for the upcoming days. Someone to help guide you through postnatal procedures and who will be there to welcome and oversee their new little patient.

If you don't have a pediatrician the hospital may issue your baby a temporary one, they are often referred to as hospitalists. They are professionals who will look over your newborn during their time in the hospital but after your release, you will have to find a permanent one.

It's recommended that your baby be examined within days of being discharged, so it makes for a very tight window to find a pediatrician if you don't already have one.

It's not too soon, or too late, to start looking, get in contact with Dr. Aboudan of Sahar Aboudan Pediatrics in Jacksonville, FL, by dialing (904) 260-3609.

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