Does Your Child Need a School Physical?

Healthy school-aged children generally require a physical every two years, depending on factors such as vaccination schedules, and whether they participate in sports, which may require more frequent check ups and school physicals on a yearly basis. Dr. Sahar Aboudan offers school physicals and other pediatric medical services in Jacksonville, FL.

School Physicals in Jacksonville, FL

If your son or daughter wants to join their school's basketball, swimming, volleyball, or other sports league or team, they will need to pass a physical in order to be cleared to play. But school physicals also help to ensure that all children and teens, not just athletes, are healthy and developing as they should. A school physical typically consists of a comprehensive health check including:

  • Height and weight analysis
  • Blood pressure check
  • Vaccinations
  • Respiratory system
  • Flexibility/agility
  • Vision and hearing

A school physical is a good opportunity to make sure that children and teenagers are hitting all of their developmental milestones. If your child has any existing health issues or there is a family history of medical problems, regular physicals are important for their health and wellbeing.

When Should Your Child See a Pediatrician?

There are general guidelines according to age and developmental milestones, but every child is different and some may need to see a pediatrician more frequently than others. Infants under the age of one require vaccinations every few months until they reach age one, and a regular follow up appointment at age two and three (flu shots are given annually and can be obtained independently of a school physical or check up). Pre-school age children typically require a school physical before entering the first grade.

Find a Pediatrician in Jacksonville, FL

For more information about when to schedule a school physical for your child or other pediatric services, contact our office by calling (904) 260-3609 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Aboudan today.

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